Boost Your Health and Your Career with Colors

Your life can flow with grace and ease when you know how to become a magnet for positive energy. With Feng Shui, you can easily and quickly begin to see changes in your life, changes that will help you get all that you need and most of what you want. With Feng Shui, you can begin to see that your life is not only completely within your control to change, but that it’s also quite easy to shift old patterns and bad situations. Here are just a few Feng Shui tips to help you begin.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Your health isn’t just a matter of being sick or being well. Being healthy will allow you to be an active and a productive member of society. In order to attract good health into your life with Feng Shui using color is the fastest way to make this happen. Try adding yellow to the center of your home or to the center of your bedroom. The primary color yellow has the most vibrancy and energy. The more muted the color yellow the less energy. This will help to attract healthy energy, while also brightening up your attitude toward health and toward yourself. You will find it’s easier to have healthy habits and to maintain well-being.

In addition, make sure that your bedroom is bright and well-lit. As often as possible, open the windows to move out stagnant chi and get the energy moving for physical health and health in your relationships.

Also making sure you remove any clutter or work-related items from that room. You are supposed to rest in your bedroom so that you can maintain good health. The bedroom is designed for rest, relaxation and communication with your partner, so keep the toys (exercise equipment, tv’s etc) out of the bedroom and make sure it’s a quiet and restful space.

Keep Your Career Healthy

When it comes to bringing luck into your career with Feng Shui colors, there are a number you can use. The most frequently recommended color is red, but you can also use gold to help attract wealth, if that’s your aim. The color red has the most vibrancy, energy, electromagnetic field and is the strongest energized of all the colors.

When you want to make your career grow, it’s a good idea to add green to the space too, even if this means you add a plant to your cubicle or office. You can even use a silk plant if you don’t have a green thumb. You will also want to make sure your office is brightly lit, so as to welcome any career energy into your space. Finally, keeping the clutter to a minimum while also making sure you can see the entrance at all times will allow you to keep your career healthy.

No matter how many changes you make based on Feng Shui, any step towards better energy is a step in the right direction.

Best regards,

Young FengShui Master