Bells are most often used in feng shui where there is a need for some kind of warning or protection. If you are unable to put your bed in the command position, for example, you can hang a bell on your bedroom door to alert you when someone enters. You can also hang a bell anywhere that you would like to energize or enhance the space. Bells are rung to signal the beginning and end of ceremonies and meditation practices. Bells are also a powerful tool for space clearing rituals. Tibetan prayer bells are forged from seven metals, and are often decorated with important symbols to enhance their energy. The type of bell you choose will depend on how and where you plan to use it. Again, be sure that the tone of the bell is pleasing to you—the quality of the sound is more important than the design. If you are hanging a bell on a string, use a red cord, string, or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches.

Good Luck,

Young Feng Shui Master