Wind Chimes

The sound waves created by a wind chime will slow down and help disperse chi that is moving too quickly. If the path from the street to your front door is long and straight, hang a wind chime by the door or porch steps to slow the chi down so it enters your home gently.  Wind chimes are also good for lifting the energy of a space. If one corner of your yard is lower than the others, chi may settle there. Hanging a wind chime from a tree in that corner can stir the chi up and keep it moving. Smaller wind chimes can be used indoors, anywhere that you feel a need for protection, to slow down fast moving chi, or to lift the energy of a room. If a certain area of your home has a major clutter problem, hang a wind chime there for a few days and make sure it sounds often. It will help loosen up the stuck energy so your clutter- clearing efforts will progress more quickly. Wind chimes come in many sizes, from tinkle little tiny ones to great big resonant ones. Match the size of the wind chime to the size of your space. A large brass wind chime might be overwhelming indoors, while a very small chime may not be strong enough to have much effect. Choose metal chimes, as they have the most penetrating tone. The most important consideration for a wind chime is that the sound be pleasing to you, so pick  the one whose tones you like the best.

Good Luck,

Young Feng Shui Master