Faceted Crystal Balls

Faceted crystal balls are a very popular feng shui cure.

In addition to energizing a space, their ability to refract a beam of light (and chi) and send it radiating inall directions makes it an ideal protection against sha 

(negative) chi.

These crystal balls can also be used to empowerand activate a space. They radiate blessings wherever they are placed, and are powerful magnifiers of your intention.

Faceted crystal balls can be used anywhere you want to enhance chi. Good places to hang crystal balls include:

• In the center of a long, narrow hallway

• In front of a window through which too much

chi is escaping

• Anywhere you’d like to activate chi

Crystals are most often hung from the ceiling, a doorway, or in windows.

For added impact, hang your crystal ball from a red string or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches (9", 18", 27"). The ball can hang any distance from the ceiling; it’s the cut length of the string that is important. Tie any extra string into a nice bow or decorative knot. If you buy crystal balls from feng shui supplier, they may come with red cord already attached.

You can also place a faceted crystal ball on a desk, table, or home altar. Wear a little one on a red ribbon around your neck to activate your personal chi, or hang one from the rear-view mirror of your car to enhance, bless, and protect you while you drive.

Good luck,

Young Feng Shui Master