Fu dogs are powerful protective imagery to place at or near the entry to your home to prevent negative energy from affecting your family.

Fu dogs come in pairs, so make sure you have two; one fu dog alone will not have the same effect. Large fu dogs can guard your front steps just outside the front door.

Smaller fu dogs can protect your home from a Another option is to hang the two flutes on the side of the beam. Here the flutes should be at a 45-degree angle, so they create the shape of the top of an octagon, thus implying the octagonal shape of the traditional ba gua.

Hang the flutes with red string cut to a multiple of nine inches, and add a red tassel or two to each flute if they didn’t come with any. table in the foyer or entryway. They can also be placed on a bookshelf for anywhere else in the home you feel a need for protection. 

Good Luck,

Young Feng Shui Master