The Five Elements

The Five Elements:

Essential Qualities of Chi

The five elements describe five essential qualities of chi (life force energy), which you can use to enhance, control, or balance a space, depending on your needs:

1.Metal—the quality of contraction, sharpness, focus; when too strong, metal energy can make you sharp-tongued and critical

2.Water—the quality of flowing, making connections; too much water energy can make you “wishy-washy” and indecisive

3.Wood—the quality of easy growth and progress; too much wood energy makes you aggressive or impatient, lacking compassion

4.Fire—the quality of excitement, expansion, quickness; too much fire energy can leave you stressed out and anxious

5.Earth—the quality of settling down, being receptive; too much leads to depression, sluggishness, feeling stuck or weighed down Each element can help shift your energy and/or the energy of your space. When you understand the relationships between the five elements, and how they can affect your space and your energy, they become a power- ful tool in your feng shui tool kit. Metal helps you concentrate and get things done; its inward focus helps you clear your head and cope with details. Water is helpful when things have been stuck for a while (think of ice melting), and for improving communication. It is also associated with cash flow and opportunities. Wood energy is associated with new begin- nings, and it can help you make smooth progress in the projects you under- take. Fire creates heat and action, and is the energy to use when you want to increase passion and intensity in any area of your life. Earth energy is good when things are chaotic and you need more stability, or if your are dealing with issues of commitment, nurturing, or receptivity. Good luck, Young Feng shui Master

Good luck

Young Feng Shui Master