Element Shapes and Colors

Element Shapes & Colors

Each element is associated with specific shapes and colors:

       1.Metal—white, gold, silver, grey; round and oval shapes, arches

       2.Water—black and dark blues; sinuous, curvy, irregular, and wave-like shapes

       3.Wood—greens and light blues; tall narrow shapes

       4.Fire—reds, purples, bright oranges; triangles, flame shapes, pointed or

       angular shape

5.Earth—browns, yellows, cool or muted oranges; low, flat, square shapes

 This is the basic information that you can use to adjust the energy of

specific rooms and areas of your home. For example, to spice up your rela-

tionship areas, or to enhance your reputation by activating li gua, add more

fire energy: lights, candles, or things that are red, purple, pink, and/or

           triangular in shape.Water energy is good for enhancing kan gua (career) and for improv-

ing communication; if you can’t use a water fountain, find images of the

ocean or rivers, or choose home accessories that feature curvy and/or wave-

like shapes, and that have a predominantly blue or black color scheme.Similarly, you can add metal, wood, or earth energy by working with the colors and shapes listed above.

Good luck,

Young Feng Shui Master